Ever Art Wood® slimline battens deliver a perfectly linear, seamless timber look feature. Perfect for interior applications such as walls and ceilings, the battens have no visible rails, are dimensionally accurate and available in a range of profiles, and textured colours to achieve your desired aesthetic.

Timber batten features introduce warmth, rhythm and texture to a space. Genuine timber can, however, be an expensive option, and pose a range of challenges for designers. Ever Art Wood® timber look aluminium slimline battens offer designers a compelling alternative to real timber for internal wall and ceiling applications.

Realistic palette and textures

The lightweight aluminium battens have a realistic timber look wrap applied, in a palette of 20 colours akin to real timber species, including textured options. In contrast to other wood-look alternatives that can have an unrealistic sheen, the Ever Art Wood® series provides a beautifully matte, realistic timber aesthetic.

Dimensionally perfect

Made to order in Japan, the battens are dimensionally perfect and available in long lengths, enabling designers to achieve uninterrupted linear look with no visible rails.

And with the clever, 2 part concealed fix batten, you can readily achieve a striking floor to ceiling installation without visible fixings, warping or bending.

Fire Tested

The Ever Art Wood® Series is fire tested and benefits from aluminium’s inherent ability to resist fire spread. Independently tested, Ever Art Wood meets the requirements under the NCC DTS provisions, C1.10 and C1.9(e)(v) (previously C1.12(e)). It is also fire-rated, achieving the following Fire Resistance ratings:

· Fire Tested AS/NZ 3837-1998: Group 1; and

· Fire Tested AS/NZ 1530.3: Index 0 (spread of flame).

Easy Installation

The slimline battens are part of the Kabebari two section batten cladding range of concealed fix, two section battens. Easy to install, the male section fixes onto the structure while the female one snaps on to create a finished batten look.


Ever Art Wood Slimline Battens used in a commercial building lobby in Queen Street, Brisbane. View the project here.

A range of slimline profiles to realise your vision

Available in a range of different profiles, manufactured to specification and suitable for flat or curved surfaces, Ever Art Wood® Slimline battens can be utilised for a range of interior applications including walls, ceilings, screens and partitions, and decorative detailing.

Looking for inspiration?

Floor to ceiling Ever Art Wood® Slimline Battens in a commercial space in Artamon, NSW.

A seamless external to internal transition - Commercial lobby Queen Street, Brisbane QLD. Ever Art Wood® is designed to withstand the external elements yet so beautiful and realistic that it transitions seamlessly into internal spaces.