Economical slimline battens deliver a perfectly linear, seamless timber look for this commercial building in Brisbane, Queensland.


Ever Art Wood Slimline battens in Riigaru Oku were chosen for this commercial space in Queen Street, Brisbane. Valmont Design incorporated the timber look aluminium battens both internally and externally to visually link these areas, and also to create a warm contrast to the marble walls and flooring.

The slimline profile offers a striking linear style - affixed to invisible railing, the battens do not sit flush with the wall and throw a unique shadow that creates interest and depth. Special end batten sections were used where there were exposed edges for a seamless appearance.


Available in a range of different profiles, manufactured to specification and suitable for flat or curved surfaces, Ever Art Wood Slimline battens can be utilised for applications including walls, ceilings, screens and partitions, and decorative detailing in commercial entries and lobbies.

In applications such as this where the decorative walls are in close proximity to passers by, Ever Art Wood’s exceptional realism is an asset - with patterns adopted from real timber species, a textural feel and a realistic, matte finish.

The Ever Art Wood Series, in both its batten and panel formats, benefit from aluminium’s inherent ability to resist fire spread. Independently tested, Ever Art Wood meets the requirements under the NCC DTS provisions, C1.10 and C1.9(e)(v) (previously C1.12(e)). It is also fire-rated, achieving the following Fire Resistance ratings:

· Fire Tested AS/NZ 3837-1998: Group 1; and

· Fire Tested AS/NZ 1530.3: Index 0 (spread of flame).


Project specs

Cladding Profile

Ever Art Wood®


Fire rating

Ever Art Wood® Kabebari Slimline Battens - 30x18 with 5mm gap

Riiguru Oku


Performs well when tested to AS/NZ 1530.3 (spread of flame / index 0) and AS/NZ 3837-1998 (result / Group 1)


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410 Queens Street

Designed by: Valmont Design

Installation by: Formcorp Interiors

Photography by: Michael Carrello


 Photography © Covet International