Standing among the grassy parklands of Bundoora, the fluid architectural design of Parc Vue multi-residential Apartment complex blends the built and natural environments. Using curves to soften the building, and natural timber look panelling that encases the exterior - the structure melds into the surrounding landscape. 


The undulating façade was made possible by Covet’s Ever Art Wood® Express cladding panels. Lightweight and easy install, the panels were pre-fabricated with a 200mm face and 10mm express joint which concealed all fixings, creating a seamless appearance. Sturdy but flexible, they were made to wrap around the building to achieve the architect’s vision.

Covet_Plenty Rd_20.jpg

The non combustible, timber look aluminium in Wuoro Nato and Kuri Masame also had a custom texture applied - mimicking the matte tones and texture of real wood. Unlike other timber alternatives, Ever Art Wood® has a photorealistic finish, which lead to its use in the interior of the apartment complex within the lift lobbies.

Ever Art Wood® is virtually maintenance free, and unlike real timber, will not warp and fade over time. It is suitable for both external and internal applications.



Cladding profile

Ever Art Wood®


Fire rating

Ever Art Wood® Express Cladding - 200mm face with 10mm express joint
Ever Art Wood® Kabebari Battens - 30x50
Ever Art Wood® Mokuzai Panels - 0.8x1200x2500

Kuri-Masame & custom textured Wuoro Nato


Performs well when tested to AS/NZ 1530.3 (spread of flame / index 0) and AS/NZ 3837-1998 (result / Group 1)



Photography © James Park