Located in the heart of South Brisbane, the warehouse conversion transformed a former studio/garage into a sleek, shared office space, where businesses and individuals come together to inspire, innovate and create.


The building facade proudly stands out from its surroundings, creating a striking presence that shouts 'great things happen here'. Clad in the Kabebari system, the converted warehouse features an alternate placement of 30x50 and 30x85 two-section profile, creating depth and interest to the face of Entrepreneur Haus.

Michael Carrello - Brisbane - Covet - International_0002.jpg

Fitted out with recycled shipping containers, Entrepreneur Haus has successfully merged form with function. Each individually modified container delivers all the services and tools its  occupants need in today's digital world.

The hard industrial feel is softened with natural light, the inclusion of an internal pergola feature designating the kitchen/cafe, purpose built furniture, and warm natural tones in in the decor and detailing.

The end result is a working environment that buzzes with energy and the steady murmur of collaboration.


Michael Carrello - Brisbane - Covet - International_0008.jpg


Cladding profile 

Ever Art Wood   


Kabebari concealed fix 30x50 and 30x85 battens



Michael Carrello - Brisbane - Covet - International_0004.jpg

 Photography © Michael Carrello