Raw and weathered Steel

Real COR-TEN® A Steel is weather resistant steel suitable for wall and roofing applications.

Impervious to oxygen once weathered, COR-TEN® A Steel resists atmospheric corrosion better than normal structural steels due to the dense, protective oxide layer (patina) that forms on the surface.

Available in raw or weathered forms, a range of systems and 0.7mm, 1.6mm & 3.0mm thicknesses.

COR-TEN® A Steel is a non-combustible material, and a ‘Spread of Flame index’ of zero.

Corten+Coreten+Cassette+Panels+Alice Springs Commercial Cladding.jpg

COR-TEN® A Steel Colour Palette

Real COR-TEN® A Steel Profiles


Note: COR-TEN® requires periods of both wet and dry and cannot be immersed in water or buried. It is not recommended for use in a swimming pool environment or extreme marine climate.

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Photography courtesy of Architectural Cladding Australia Pty Ltd

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