PVDF painted aluminium cladding panels offer designers and builders an economic alternative to zinc, copper,  bronze and other metal finishes with excellent exterior performance.

In a range of textures and colours, PVDF (polyvinylidene difluoride) painted aluminium panels recreate natural elements such as Zinc, Copper, Bronze and more. Panels finished with this highly non-reactive thermoplastic fluropolymer are highly resistant to chalking, chipping, peeling or fading. Panels are available in 0.8mm and 2mm thicknesses and can be fabricated into a range of profiles.

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Modern, lightweight cladding with a unique palette and economic options to copper and zinc. 


Full Service

Covet is dedicated to collaborating with architects, designers, builders, developers, contractors and home owners to realise their vision.

Our partnership with Architectural Cladding Australia, means we provide a full service supply and install solution, including covering off on all aspects of detailing, flashings, and cappings.

Fabricated in Australia

A Covet & Architectural Cladding Australia partnership opens up even more options for architects and designers. We work in close collaboration with specifiers to ensure the end result delivers on the designers' vision, aesthetic and build requirements.

Exceptional realism & extensive colour palette.

PVDF metal finishes offer a realistic alternative to expensive metals such as zinc, copper and bronze - Covet architectural cladding offers realistic metallic finishes that deliver the look more cost effectively.

See our colour palette for a taste of what is available. For larger scale projects the spectrum available is vast.

Fire Rated Material with 20 year warranty

PVDF painted panel cladding comes with a 20 year manufacturers warranty. In contrast to other painted cladding materials, PVDF is highly resistant to chalking, chipping, peeling or fading. 

Meets the BCA Deemed to Satisfy provision C1.10. and C1.12(e). 

Independent Test Reports available.

The PVDF Aluminium Colour Palette

Original PVDF Aluminium Range

Premium PVDF Aluminium Range

Naturel PVDF Aluminium Range

Zink PVDF Aluminium Range

Stealth PVDF Range

Olde Copper PVDF Aluminium Range


* Minimum order quantities apply.
Allow 4 weeks lead time as cladding is made to order
Screen reproduction for colour will not be exact.


PVDF Profiles & Accessories

Several profiles and fixing systems are available to suit each projects cladding application. 

Extensive detailing, flashings and cappings for projects are provided in consultation with the project designer and panel fabricator. 

Profiles and Dimensions


Looking for inspiration?

Photography courtesy of Architectural Cladding Australia Pty Ltd

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