In response to Designers requests to achieve a whiter than white terrazzo overlay, Covet has released a new aggregate to it’s overlay terrazzo palette - Arctic White Marble.

“Our Super Off White Marble is incredibly popular among designers. When cast with darker concrete base colours, designers wanted a stone that maintained it’s vibrant white rather than borrowing colour from the base. Arctic White is a new marble that we have sourced that remains a brilliant white no matter the base colour used. We’re the only supplier to offer this aggregate.” said Anthony Scott, Covet Managing Director. “We already have projects in the works using this new aggregate and can’t wait to see and share the results.”

Arctic White is a beautiful marble that maintains an opaque, pure white appearance even when cast within darker colour concrete bases. When paired with light bases such as Covet’s Alabaster, designers can achieve the whitest possible aesthetic for maximum visual impact.

To secure your sample, please contact us.

AL10SW with SW Agg_Web.jpg