Photorealistic, low maintenance, light weight timber alternative for landscaping applications.

The Ever Art Board® landscape panels are designed to withstand the external elements, providing realistic wood look finishes that is virtually no maintenance. There's no sanding, oiling or treating needed and will look as beautiful as the day it was installed.


Ever Art Board® Landscape Panel Dimensions

The Ever Art Board® landscape panel cladding range is suitable for outdoor landscaping and garden applications only.  A variety of profiles and mounting accessories are available to create your dream gardenscape.


Ever Art Board® Landscape Panel Accessories

A range of fixing accessories are available to suit our extensive range of landscape panels. 
Allow 8-12 weeks lead time as the Ever Art Board® landscape panel is made to order in Japan.


The Ever Art Board® Landscape Panel  Palette

A palette created from actual timber species and metals delivers exceptional, photorealistic designs and textured effects.

* Denotes colours with texture.
Please note: screen reproduction for colour will not be exact. Always request samples.

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