Standing prominently on the corner of Moorabool Street, this impressive retail and office space makes a mark on the Geelong town centre.

This newly refurbished retail and office building in Geelong was designed by Four18 Architecture. A detailed and complex project incorporating several Covet materials.

The most striking feature of the building is the large LED display which wraps around the corner of the structure, beautifully housed by Ever Art Wood® timber-look finish battens. This installation features Mizotsuki bolt fix cladding in Kuri Masame, with each batten attached using concealed fixtures and cut to exacting dimension in Japan. 


Custom blue battens run along the awning of the Bendigo Bank branch in Central Geelong, reminiscent of a radio equaliser, a nod to the current tenants broadcasting roots. 

The ground floor features 1x2 metre Ever Art Wood® Panel cladding externally and internally and Covet concrete tiles finish off the lobby, complimenting the modern exterior.

LOBBY (09).jpg

Special mention to the talented installation teams from City To Coast Stainless who installed the battens and Alclad Architectural who installed the cladding. 




Cladding profile 

Ever Art Wood


Fire rating


Ever Art Wood® battens - Kabebari 30x50 & Mizotsuki 50x50 & 50x100
Ever Art Wood® panels - Flat 1000x2000

Pain & custom powder coat blue battens
Burakku Eboni flat panels

Textured battens and panels
Smooth concrete tiles

Performs well when tested to AS/NZ 1530.3 (spread of flame / index 0) and AS/NZ 3837-1998 (result / Group 1)


Concrete surface

Concrete Colour

Surface Finish

Covet Concrete Tiles - 600x600x15




 Photography © James Park