A modern, lightweight, low maintenance alternative to timber battens.

Ever Art Wood® Express Batten delivers the look of wooden battens in sheet form. Whether the design calls for flat or curved surfaces, the Ever Art Wood® folded batten panels enable you to achieve your intended design aesthetic.


Ever Art Wood® Express Batten Profiles

Dimensions are width x depth unless otherwise indicated. Panels can be cut to size at no additional charge.
Allow 8-12 weeks lead time as the Ever Art Wood® Series is made to order in Japan, and fabricated in Australia.
Refer to individual product pages to view specification details.


Product Specifications and Guides

Extensive detailing, flashings and cappings for projects are provided in consultation with the project designer and panel fabricator. 

The technical guides provided are generic details and may not be application to your project. We suggest consultation with the installer on site. 


Colour Palette

The Ever Art Wood® colour palette draws from real timber species and unique Japanese designed textured effects.


* Denotes colours with texture.
Screen reproduction for colour will not be exact.