Created for a family with children nearing driving age, this unique residential garage in Sydney resembles more of a luxury car showroom.

Designed by Kenstrom Architects and brought to life by Beebo Constructions, this project features both Covet Ever Art Wood® battens and concrete terrazzo overlay.


The interior is lined with Covet’s Ever Art Wood® Kabebari Battens, with backlit lighting, creating a softer, elegant space. Lightweight and easy install, the two part battens clip together, creating a seamless appearance.

The terrazzo overlay was poured in-situ, enabling a much smoother installation than the originally planned floor tiles. ‘Tonally, the light concrete floor surface ‘lifts’ the space without the distraction of many grouted joints’, says Angela Kent, the designer.


‘This project exhibited two very unique products that we are immensely proud of. Both items set new benchmarks in the market’, says Anthony Scott, Covet’s director. ‘In our opinion, it is a technical feat - with only 12mm applied to the floor and then ground back to 10mm, it possesses remarkable strength and is a truly refined, custom concrete terrazzo floor.’ 

‘The garage space is breathtaking with the curved walls, hidden doors, well designed lighting and great attention to detail’, Anthony says.  ‘It’s a pity its hidden away from public view!’.

As featured in:


Cladding profile

Ever Art Wood®


Fire rating

Overlay Base Colour

Overlay Aggregate

Ever Art Wood® Kabebari Battens - 30x50



Performs well when tested to AS/NZ 1530.3 (spread of flame / index 0) and AS/NZ 3837-1998 (result / Group 1)


6mm Dove



Photography © Pablo Veiga