A truly unique, 10mm Real Concrete Overlay, in an extensive range of colours and aggregates from standard mixes to custom blends for new builds or colour match existing refurbishments.


There are 3 important elements in specifying your overlay floor:

1. Base Colour  ➜  2. Surface Finish ➜ 3. Aggregate Selection

1. Base colour

Choose a colour base from 20 standard colours. 

2 . Surface Finish

Two surface finishes are available.

3. Aggregate Selection

For an exposed aggregate look, choose an aggregate colour and size. Available in 18 colours x 4 sizes (3, 6, 10, and 14mm).


Screen reproduction for colour will not be exact, also aggregate is a natural material with expected variances. 
Allow 2 weeks lead time for product as concrete overlay is made to order + contractor installation schedules.