Beautiful concrete surfaces that offer designers real, thin profile, concrete tile and overlay for floors and walls. 

Often imitated but never matched, our Covet concrete range is not an epoxy blend, or a composite fibre cement panel alternative. Designers can achieve a true concrete look, true concrete feel, because it is 100% concrete. Modern, timeless concrete.

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Polished Concrete Overlays

A 10mm Real Concrete Overlay System that is truly unique, with an array of base concrete colours and a choice of aggregates and aggregate sizes.

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Concrete Tiles

Bespoke concrete tiles, exhibiting matte tones, timeless colours, and natural aggregate options making each concrete installation a one of a kind.

The range also includes unique small and large aggregate terrazzo tiles. All offered in the same base colour palette so designers can achieve a streamlined inside-out look. 

Our range of tiles are suitable for interior and exterior floors, cladding, and stair treads. 

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